Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frontcam?

Frontcam captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie files. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded. An additional function of Frontcam is to capture screen to picture.

What can I do with it?

  1. Make any software process look easy
  2. Handle a technical support call without picking up your phone
  3. Demonstrate your software to potential customers
  4. Capture an entire course for online and CD delivery

What is the difference between Frontcam and other screen capture program?

Frontcam can capture screen into Movie, Sound from microphone is also recorded. It can capture screen into Picture too. while other program can only capture screen into picture.

Can I use the capture movie for commercial purpose?

Of course, all rights of the movie belong to you.

Is your online order form secure?

Yes, it is 100% secure.

Do I have to pay for the upgrades?

No! All upgrades are free to registered Frontcam users.

Is You tech support free?

Yes! It's free for all.

How much is it?

Frontcam costs only $29.95 for the option of email registration. A hard copy CD costs only $8.95 extra and is shipped the same day.

What's file format that Frontcam uses to save the movie?

Frontcam save the captured movie as Standard AVI file. The AVI (Audio-Video-Interleaved) format is the most common video file format under windows.

AVI format file is uncompressed and must be large in size, is this right?

It's wrong, some AVI file is uncompressed, while most AVI file can be compressed into smaller size. The compression method include microsoft video 1, px, mpeg and so on.

Why can't I record sound?

To record sound: Right click the icon of "volume control" on your system tray bar (on the right bottom corner of the screen) and then go to the menu item "options"->"properties"->"recording" and press the "OK" button, check the proper item you want to recording and then start sound recording.
  1. To record sound from microphone: check "Microphone".
  2. To record sound from other application: check "Stero Mix" or "Mono Mix", the name may be different depending on your system.

How to captue video from other application (such as realplayer)?

On some systems that use graphics hardware acceleration for video playback, This is often possible to disable the graphics hardware acceleration. There are two ways to disable graphics hardware acceleration:
  1. Disable graphics hardware acceleration globally for all applications using the Control Panel "System" applet. Go to the "Performance" tab and click the "Graphics" button under "Advanced settings...". Set the "Hardware acceleration" slider to None and hit OK. You may need to restart Windows to have this change applied.
  2. Disable graphics hardware acceleration for a particular application. For example, in RealPlayer G2 select "Options"/"Preferences" from the RealPlayer menu. Go to the "Performance" tab and disable (uncheck) the "Use optimized video display" setting. You may need to stop and restart any movie being played to have the change take effect.